Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cruise Vacation Wear


I love cruising!  You get to wear casual and dressy clothing all in one vacation!

Here was my wardrobe and jewelry choices (I just love my Sabika jewelry!!!)

Night 1 Dinner:
Dress ASOS
Jewelry - Sabika Necklaces; Sabika Pendant; Elena Maratos Earrings

Formal Night:
Red jersey gown by Tony Bowls and purchased from the terrific Heidi Scheer (www.pageantcouture.com)
Earrings borrowed from my talented jewelry making friend, Heather Hemingway (http://www.heatherhemingway.com/).

Day 3 - Touring Bermuda
I wore khaki shorts that I purchased from a Lily Pulitzer Warehouse Sale; a Banana Republic t-shirt (that is about 5 years old), a Fall 2011 Sabika Necklace and Elena Maratos earrings.

View from our balcony stateroom and picture of us walking around the Bermuda Navy Dockyard.

During the evening, we took a boat tour and Kevin and I had date night on the balcony!

Day 4 - Bermuda Beach
Cover-up by Boden.  I was wearing the matching swimsuit but I don't feel that I am in the best shape of my life, so I have no desire to be photographed in a swimsuit.  Meanwhile, my 41 year old husband works out A LOT and you can tell - he looks incredible!

I wore all white when we walked around Bermuda.
White Shorts by Michael Kors; 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger (Costco $10); Jewelry by Sabika (of course)
Shoes by Earthies (these are the best - they have the arch support built into the shoe!)

Day 5 - Boston Proper Swimsuit and Cover-up - these have to be my favorite pieces!!!!  I love this set even more than the Boden cover-up and swimsuit, which are great too!
I paired this ensemble with a three stone light sapphire rhinestone earrings.

Day 5 - Green Silk Dress by Susana Monaco purchased on ebay for about $50!
I wore the Sabika Byzantine Fall 2011 jewelry set - earrings, rhinestone choker, and rhinestone cross
(sorry the first photo is at an angle - this is my bad self portrait of the whole dress).
Shoes are by Alisha Hill (they are pageant swimsuit shoes).

the three family members who were not sea sick (our table started with six and ended with three)

Day 6 - Pink Dress from ASOS; Necklaces from Sabika's Spring 2012 line and Earrings from Fall 2011 line.