Saturday, July 21, 2012

More Vacation Wear

I haven't done a real "what I wore" post (meaning - what I wore while at home) because I have been busier than usual traveling!  After the family trip to Bermuda, some girlfriends and I packed up to hit St. Pete, Florida to celebrate Mary's 40th birthday!  So my Sabika Jewelry (minus a few pieces that went with Dr. Ellie to the Mrs. United States Pageant in Las Vegas) was all packed (along with my clothes!) to have a fun filled girls weekend.

Here are a few photos showing what I wore:

It is hard to see, but this is actually a great green dress with chiffon flutter sleeves by Susana Monaco.  It washes in the machine and does not require ironing (can it get any better!).  Like most of my Susana Monaco dresses, I purchased this one from ebay (sorry Neiman Marcus, but I refuse to pay $150 for this dress).

I paired this dress with chanel style jewelry: Sabika necklaces (all from the current Classic Catalog).

Here is our group ready to hit the town (although the limo was a bit late getting to us).  I am wearing an outfit by 2BRych (need to look up this name brand.  I don't know much about it, but this top and shirt are terrific and only about $45 as they were both purchased from  I paired it with a Fall 2011 Sabika necklace and custom made earrings by Bling Jewelry (you can find her on facebook).

Shoes: Boston Proper - check out their outlet section - that is where I buy pretty much all of my Boston Proper clothing.  I got these shoes on Clearance for about $30.

Photo - this was taken outside an incredible restaurant where we ate dinner.

The birthday girl wearing a beautiful green dress (and I don't know the name brand - shame on me) and she was wearing the Byzantine Necklace, Cross, and Earrings from Sabika's Fall 2011 catalog.

We ate dinner at the famous pink hotel in St. Pete.  It was a beautiful hotel, but there were too many children in the pool for our tastes (we are not a fan of kids belonging to people that we do not know) and the Europeans that stay at the hotel are a bit too publicly fresh (I can handle children.....even bad ones....but I REALLY draw the line at heavy public displays of affection on the lounge chair next to me).  We did not pay to stay in this hotel and we will not ever do so.  However, the food was fantastic and our waiter was great!

Danielle and I both sported white!  My shirt is from Lilly Pulitzer's warehouse sale; shorts by Michael Kors (paid retail....and one of the few purchases that I do not regret).  Necklaces are from Sabika's Spring 2012 catalog.

This photo was snapped about three minutes before a storm.  Not my best photo, but we took individual photos of everyone because the lighting was so incredible!!