Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Events 2007

What a great month!!!

My mother-in-law (Ro-Ro) and her sister (Aunt Kay) decided to get all the girls together to tour the Christmas decorations at Longwood Gardens.  Aunt Kay has photos of her and Uncle Lucky in the garden on their wedding day (so these gardens have a long history within the family).

My dad invited Kevin and I to NYC to see Dr. Anatasia's (sp?) play that he wrote.  It was a great show!  Love the set?  Well, the designer of the set also works for my dad's carpet department - he is a brilliant designer!!!

This was an especially exciting trip for me - this was my first time to see the NYC Christmas Tree!!!!

Christmas Cheer Kit (

Just before Christmas, I drove to North Carolina to see family (well - to see my nieces, seeing everyone else is a by-product of seeing my nieces).  

Since Widener Law School closes down over the Christmas Holiday, Susan and I had time to get together and do some pageant shopping (well - looking) in Atlantic City, NJ.

Susan is preparing for Mrs. PA International; I was preparing for Mrs. PA America.

Christmas Eve 2007 - we gather at Ro-Ro's house to exchange gifts and then walk to Aunt Kay's house for a seven fishes dinner.

Holly Jolly Collection ( 

My Christmas Decor - I took the time to display my Hallmark Nostalgic Houses and Shops Collection; I did not spend that much time on the tree this year (I was too busy traveling!).

And, New Year's Eve was spent at home after a great dinner at the Back Burner in Hockessin, DE with Ro-Ro. 

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