Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Hispanic Delaware

I was so proud of all of Ja'Lexis's hard work and preparation for this pageant. She did an excellent job and had a great performance on the night of the pageant.

Attending a Hispanic pageant is always a treat. The crowds REALLY cheer, the cultural talents are terrific, and the emcees are very engaging. The pageant, despite being three hours, was quite enjoyable.

And yes, I took a ton of photos of Ja'Lexis.

I wish that I could say nice things about the results and the integrity of the pageant directors; but I can't.  I can say that they are LUCKY that Ja'lexis did not take them to small claims court.  They do not realize that I read their pageant paperwork - and strongly believed that Ja'lexis had a claim against them for the crown, sash, and $1000 cash award (and she could use that money!).  Nonetheless, sometimes, it is just better to walk away.  I am proud of her for doing just that.

Peach Blossom Pageant

I was the auditor for the Peach Blossom Pageant. I love working with numbers, however, I hate missing most of the pageant even though I have a front row seat!

The contestants were all terrific and the scores were very close - trust me - they were close!

Enjoy the photos!

Scrapbooking Kit by Summer Driggs

Family Reunion

I never take enough photos at the Annual DeGol Family Reunion!

Hubby and I had a long drive, but it was worth it to see family members that we so rarely see.

Miki Ferkul Peacock Scrapbook Kit

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marmas Pageant Productions

Ja'Lexis and I had so much fun yesterday driving to Gaylord National Resort at the National Harbour in Maryland! We cheered for Christy Passoth as she competed in the prelimnary portion of the pageant. Christy and I have been communicating via email since 2007, so it was truly wonderful to see her again.

Thank you to Christy for treating Ja'Lexis and I to the contestant pizza party!

All of the contestants were incredible at this pageant. We really enjoyed watching all of them on the stage!! Octavia was competing and I was thrilled to say hello to her as we competed together last year at Mrs. United States. Ja'Lexis and I enjoyed meeting some new pageant friends as well (the mom and two daughters from Cali were just a hoot!!).

Miki Ferkul Peacock Kit using her glitter sheets to fill in the crowns that I found online for free.