Monday, May 30, 2011

Kitchen Update

After a lot of hard work on Thursday, I was able to clean up the kitchen!

My favorite thing in the kitchen is the appliance garage!  I can store several appliances right now on my counter-top and pull down the shade to hide them from view when they are not in use.

As for the inside of the cabinets, organization is not a word I would use.  Like items are grouped together, so I am off to a good start.  But I need to buy baskets, bins, etc to ensure that everything has a place and can be found easily.

And, then I shopped for food (with a beautiful grocery list done for me - see blog below) and cooked a dinner entree ;-) 

I am not a cook. 

When Hubby and I lived in our old home, we ALWAYS ate take-out.  We rarely cooked our own food, especially over the past two years.  I never learned to cook, so while I am reading organizing and cleaning blogs, I also happened to find the blog that spoke right to me:

She offers 5 dinner menus each week for the cost of $1.25 per week.  Her pdf files include a list of meals, preparation directions, and even a handy grocery list!  Her meals are great, especially for me because this is the first time that I am truly making an effort at cooking my own food (and enjoying the idea of how much money I will save over takeout!).

Thursday dinner - breaded pork chops.  Side dish was ready made mashed potatoes by Bob Evans (they are the cheapest in the grocery store and the best tasting!).  Thank you to my mother-in-law who taught me about Bob Evans.

Friday, I went to court / work.  I had a great time tag teaming with my replacement, Ashley.  We were able to help several clients with PFA and Visitation issues.

After work, I shopped a lot in Delaware because everything is less expensive down there (and there is no tax)!  I found these incredible dog beds at Costco for under $18 a piece.

On Saturday, I took pictures of the laundry room - my Sunday project (tonight is Mrs. New Jersey International, so there will not be a lot of work done today). 

I also had to ensure that my husband had food, so I made meatloaf from my free dinner menu.  I cooked this and already ate one mini meatloaf.  OH MY GOSH - SO GOOD!
I did substitute regular beef for buffalo meat.  Buffalo is less fattening than regular hamburger meat.