Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Events 2007

What a great month!!!

My mother-in-law (Ro-Ro) and her sister (Aunt Kay) decided to get all the girls together to tour the Christmas decorations at Longwood Gardens.  Aunt Kay has photos of her and Uncle Lucky in the garden on their wedding day (so these gardens have a long history within the family).

My dad invited Kevin and I to NYC to see Dr. Anatasia's (sp?) play that he wrote.  It was a great show!  Love the set?  Well, the designer of the set also works for my dad's carpet department - he is a brilliant designer!!!

This was an especially exciting trip for me - this was my first time to see the NYC Christmas Tree!!!!

Christmas Cheer Kit (

Just before Christmas, I drove to North Carolina to see family (well - to see my nieces, seeing everyone else is a by-product of seeing my nieces).  

Since Widener Law School closes down over the Christmas Holiday, Susan and I had time to get together and do some pageant shopping (well - looking) in Atlantic City, NJ.

Susan is preparing for Mrs. PA International; I was preparing for Mrs. PA America.

Christmas Eve 2007 - we gather at Ro-Ro's house to exchange gifts and then walk to Aunt Kay's house for a seven fishes dinner.

Holly Jolly Collection ( 

My Christmas Decor - I took the time to display my Hallmark Nostalgic Houses and Shops Collection; I did not spend that much time on the tree this year (I was too busy traveling!).

And, New Year's Eve was spent at home after a great dinner at the Back Burner in Hockessin, DE with Ro-Ro. 

Giving Kit – Summertime Designs (

Friday, November 16, 2007

Heavenly Angels Pageant National Pageant and Judging Sunburst Local Pageant

It was so wonderful to return to the Heavenly Angels Pageant and see everyone! I had a great time. The contestants were incredible this year! I only have a few photos because I was so busy most of the weekend.

It was fun to enjoy the weekend with Dr. Ellie.  She used this event as her practice pageant before Mrs. Delaware United States.  I realize that there are some that "look down" upon some of these kiddie pageants.  I do understand the stigma attached to these pageants; however, if you know the director and know the reputation of the pageant, the "good" pageants provide an awesome opportunity to hone your stage skills while having an enjoyable pageant weekend.

I know Grace James personally and would always recommend her pageants as a great opportunity.  She has qualified judges and a nice stage.  It truly is a great opportunity for a contestant wanting to polish herself before a big competition.

Here are my scrapbook pages:

Another recent Ms. American Renaissance Appearance:
I enjoyed judging a Sunburst Pageant in Delaware. The winners were just adorable!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Attending Mrs. Delaware America Pageant

On November 4, 2007, many pageant friends gathered together to watch Angela Burns, Mrs. Delaware America 2007, pass on the Mrs. Delaware America title!!

Here are my scrapbook pages from the event.
Scrapbook Kit is Moments by Summer Driggs

Dr. Ellie Baker - Mrs. Kent County (DE) United States
Danielle Mical - her pageant title is coming soon :-)
Susan Huntley, Esquire - Mrs. Philadelphia (PA) International
Marci M. McNair, Esquire - Ms. American Renaissance
Kimberly Meehan - Mrs. New Jersey International
Mary Moulds - Mrs. Mercer County (NJ) United States
Heather Cunningham - Mrs. New Jersey United States

Friday, September 28, 2007

Celebrating with Friends and Judging an DE MAO Local Pageant

Mrs. Susan Huntley is now
Susan R. Huntley, Esquire!

On October 9, 2007 - I turn 30!

We had a girls night out to celebrate on October 6, 2007! I consider myself SO LUCKY to have such a fabulous group of friends!
Our get-togethers usually have a purpose in addition to just having fun together :-) During this night out, we had a candle party to raise scholarship funds for AAUW (American Association of University Women - an organization that Susan belongs to).

On September 30, 2007, Ellie Teeson (Mrs. Kent County, Delaware, United States) and I judged Miss Brandywine and Miss Mid-Atlantic. We had a wonderful time and were very, very impressed with the contestants. We missed getting a photo with the beautiful Miss Mid-Atlantic (she was off celebrating - and who could blame her!). Miss Brandywine was very gracious and a talented dancer.

Scrapbook Kit called Sunset by Pretty Scrappy

Annapolis Walk for Her

After Richmond, VA, we drove back to Bowie, MD, picked up my car, then drove to a wonderful hotel in Annapolis, MD.

After a great dinner, we fell into bed!

The next morning, Ellie joined us for the breast and ovarian cancer walk in Annapolis!

We treated ourselves to lunch after the walk. Lunch was eaten while overlooking the water on Kent Island (we got out of Annapolis because it was so crowded and parking was a nightmare!). My mother's friend, Aunt Barbara, came and picked me up for a boat ride after lunch, while Kim, Mary, and Ellie got an early start home.

Here are the scrapbook pages that I created with photos from our adventures:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

McGuire Hospital Visit in Richmond, VA

What a day, what a weekend!!

On September 22, 2007, I drove to Bowie, MD and met up with Kim and Mary. From Bowie, MD, Kim, Mary, and I rode in Kim's car to Richmond, VA, to the McGuire VA Hospital.

We visited with many patients on the spinal cord injury unit and enjoyed a lovely lunch/dinner courtesy of Chick Fil A (gosh I LOVE their sandwiches).

The best part of the day was seeing the smiles on the faces of wounded soldiers. These great men and women give so much, the least we can do is say THANK YOU!

Here are my scrapbook pages from our day:
Scrapbook Kit: Fireworks by Just So Scrappy

The following Queens visited the hospital:Mrs Virginia United States 2007 - Jennifer Phillips
Mrs. Galaxy 2008 - Darlene Deeben
Mrs. Mercer County New Jersey United States 2008 - Mary Moulds
Mrs. Glen Allen Virginia United States 2008 - Allison Hubble
Mrs. Richmond, Virginia International 2008 - Joy Phister
Mrs. Southern Chesterfield Virginia United States 2008 - Maria Beall
Mrs. D.C. International 2008 - Deanna M. Linz
Ms. American Renaissance 2007 - Marci McNair
Mrs. New Jersey International 2008 - Kimberly Meehan
Mrs. Piedmont Valley International 2008 - Rebecca Crossan