Monday, August 27, 2012

Mrs New York International 2013

A getaway to a beautiful New York mountain town with the best girlfriends!  Who could ask for a better weekend!

Here are the photos from the fabulous Mrs. New York International Pageant.

Kim and I snapped these great photos during our drive home.


Visit to Dad's House

I have to laugh at this title - I did visit my dad's house, but I have no photos of my dad! While there, I spent a lot of time with Marissa and Hailee (my nieces). Let's be honest - I only went to my dad's house for four days because Marissa and Hailee were there. So, from the visit to Dad's house, here are a bunch of photos of Marissa and Hailee.

BTW - like the dog? He is available for adoption! My dad and Renee foster boxers who need to be adopted. They are terrific dogs!!!

Marissa and Hailee had a great time riding the horses (and thanks to the kind horse owners who allowed them to ride!).

I took Marissa and Hailee to the store for "treats" because I am not that good aunt that sends a card on birthdays and holidays, but we do shopping trips together when I see them ;-)  Marissa got a large stuffed horse that she named after Renee's horse (this gets added to her 5 foot tall stuffed bear and her large stuffed penguin).

Hailee used her money to purchase makeup at Target.  We did a photoshoot too with my Sabika and "Sabika-like" jewelry.  Hailee, as you can see, wears the jewelry, whereas Marissa chose to put the jewelry on her horse.  Hailee is a lot like me - makeup, jewelry, and all things that sparkle!!!

We also spent some time outside with Renee and the two foster boxers (only one is shown here).

I wanted to do a group family photo that never happened, but here is the front of my dad's house - his waterfall entrance and then a picture of his house.

We enjoyed some time at the Meadows where we bought ice cream and played mini golf.  Uncle Dave spent some time with Marissa teaching her how to put (and Pap-pap helped).  Hailee did not take to golf, but she sure takes to the camera (I have a ton of photos of her!).  Skipper (dog) enjoyed the outing because Renee lets him eat some of the ice cream ;-)

On Sunday, we went to the annual family reunion at Uncle Bruno and Aunt Polly's house.  Even though it was barely 80, we had a nice time swimming in the pool; and Marissa beat me at a swimming race (and she made sure to tell me before we started that she didn't want any favors - ie - I was to really swim for it.  So yes, she beat me fair and square!).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mrs Pennsylvania America Sendoff to Mrs. America

On August 19, 2012, I had a great time attending a send off for Susan Huntley, Mrs. PA America, and Robin Vitale, Mrs. NJ America.  They are currently competing for the title of Mrs. America (and I think preliminary competition is tonight!).

Richard Krauss - a great photographer - we never get a photo of him, so I made sure to get a shot this time
Gift for the director; Geralyn also received a restaurant gift card with specific instructions to go and have a good time with her husband - they deserve it!!!!
Photo by Richard Krauss