Monday, May 28, 2012

Mrs New Jersey United States

Thank you to Chris and Michelle for inviting me to emcee the Mrs. New Jersey United States Pageant!

I had so much fun and really enjoyed getting to know all the contestants!!!

Congratulations to Eleni Nicozisis on winning Mrs. New Jersey United States!  And thanks to Eleni for doing something with my hair (I can't style my hair to save my life!).

And thank you to Garden State Goddess for my makeup!

What I Wore

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Things have been so busy that I have not participated in a "What I Wore" post in quite some time.  Here are a few outfits I wore over the past several weeks.

FINALLY - I completed the alterations and can start to show off my BODEN finds from the warehouse sale!!!!

Boden Dress - $30 at the warehouse sale (but the alterations also cost - I had all of my Boden dresses re-made so that the side zipper opens up all the way to the top - so that you can step into the dress; it was worth the money to me because they dresses are hard to put on and take off).
Sabika Earrings - their jewelry is expensive, but I wear it more than anything in my jewelry box because it really does make a statement (and it matches this dress so beautifully!)

Another Boden Warehouse Dress:
I added some old AB crystal earrings that I bought at a bridal store.  

Love this comfortable Susana Monaco dress - and I love pairing this dress with purple rhinestone necklace and earrings:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Mrs. Delaware United States Pageant

Congratulations to all the contestants at the Mrs. Delaware United States Pageant.  It was a great year - as always!!!  So many terrific married women in Delaware - and it is a treat to get a chance to meet them and watch them on stage!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Autism Hopes Fundraiser

My husband and I enjoyed hosting Heidi Scheer (Ms. World International), Dr. Elizabeth McGhee (Ms. Michigan World International), and Mary (Queen Mother - and Stephanie's mother) at my home.  We had a great time at the fundraiser in Princeton and a lot of girl chat on Sunday morning!

Congratulations also to Evelyn (Mrs. New Jersey World International) for organizing such a fantastic event!!!!