Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Events: Rocco Play/Training Session, Miss America Viewing Party, and Mrs. Delaware America Pageant

On Saturday, my husband and I had a play session with Rocco.  Hubby told me what to do (as he always does with our dogs :-) and I listened (dog training is one area where I don't even pretend to know better than Hubby!).   Rocco is an excellent dog, although my play sessions with him are not nearly as good as Hubby's sessions. Someday, I am sure that I will get there!

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Watching Miss America this year at Mary's house with a group of about twelve people was SO MUCH FUN! I have never been in a large group where we were all screaming for our favorites. BTW: Delaware got big screams from everyone in the room, but I was so disappointed that she failed to make the top 12 (or the five where I believe that she belonged) I stopped playing the scoring game.

The very next evening, Angie and I enjoyed the Mrs. Delaware America pageant in Rehoboth Beach. It was a terrific pageant and the winner truly shined and looked absolutely radiant in her gold evening gown. I was thrilled to also see the beautiful Fawn competing again and really hope that she runs for the title next year as she is a super lady and would make an incredibly representative for Delaware!

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