Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mrs. Delaware US 2011 Pageant

Thanks to lots of coffee, I gathered the energy to drive to Delaware to the Mrs. Delaware US 2011 Pageant.  I was the pageant auditor this year.  Susan and Ja'Lexis joined the car ride.  We also ate (a lot) of good (ie - bad for the heart) food after the pageant.

Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants!  As auditor, I will state that it was definitely a close competition - placements were flipping after almost every single competition!!!

I designed two banners, some program book pages, and the program book cover.

Scrapbook Pages are using graphics from Peacock Scrapbook Kit by Microferk

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rachael's Wedding

I did not take too many photos at the wedding and my one regret is that I did not get more photos with my cousins.  I chatted with Megan at the cocktail hour and I really miss her.  We used to be best friends growing up.  Now we live over fours hours apart....sometimes I really wish I lived closer to home.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My first cousin, Rachael, married a wonderful man, Matt, this weekend.  The wedding was stunning and everyone had a great time!

This was the first wedding since my grandfather's death.  We all thought of him and I am sure that he would have been so happy for Rachael and Matt - they are an adorable, smart, and down to earth couple!

In a few months, we will be traveling back to Bedford Springs Resort to see Rachael's older sister, Phoeboe, get married!!!

The weekend started with me meeting my sister, nieces, and dad at Lakemont Park.  The entry fee for the water park and rides was $5!!!!!

Hailee rode the slides all by herself!  It was a big accomplishment for the day.
Marissa displayed her intelligence by telling me all the names of the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  Everyone was extremely impressed!

Scrapbook Page Kit: Microferk's Imagica

On Friday, I saw my godparent's son's new home - it is a terrific starter home!!!!  As always, I loved visiting with them and am so sad that I do not get to see them more often.

On Friday evening, we enjoyed the wedding rehearsal and some more photos at Scotch Valley (after the rehearsal dinner).

Next post - the actual wedding day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend


House Organizing:
I purchased metal shelving for the garage from Home Depot.  What a great bargain!!!  For less than $180, I was able to create a lot of (somewhat) organized storage space.  I wish I had taken photos of what our garage looked like before I started my long cleaning process.  To say the least, I felt like a complete failure that within one week of moving into our new home, neither of us could park our cars in the three car garage due to lack of room! 
These photos show my progress (still have several pieces that need to be donated / given away, so there is still a lot of used space, but I am getting there).

This is where I usually park my car.  I still have a bit to move around, but it is better than before when I was stepping over skis every time I got in or out of my car.

See that backward painting that is leaning up against something?  Stuff used to be piled all the way from the wall to that point, save for about two feet of walking space.  It was clutter city.  Now that everything can be stacked on these really nice shelves, it is much easier to get from the car to the house.

This space also was filled, save for about two feet of walking area.  So happy that I now can easily walk from my car to the house.
Next up, I need to shed some more items in the garage and find a basket for Hubby's fishing stuff.  Then, we should be able to fit two cars in the garage with the third bay being used for the snowblower and lawnmower. 

On a side happy note, look what showed up in our yard:

Rocco found him during his morning walk ;-) Rocco did not like him.....and he did not like Rocco.  Hubby and I thought that it was just cool to see him. Soon after Rocco left him alone, we watched him walk back into the woods.

April and May 2011 - Pageants, Alzheimer's Charity Event, Veterans Event, Family, and Friends

April and May were busy months for me filled with lots of time with friends.  At least by this time, I had unpacked my house enough that I knew where to find hair brushes, hair spray, and makeup.  When I was getting ready to attend Mrs. New Jersey International 2011 in March, it took me 20 minutes to find my makeup!

April started with me handling PFA trials in Delaware in the morning and driving straight to North Jersey for Danielle's fundraising event.  It was her first big event as Mrs. New Jersey International!!!

April continued as friends gathered again to support Mary's MS Walk.

April finished with me singing the National Anthem at Delaware Park and gathering with Kappa Alpha Theta sisters!

Susan and I had a great time meeting Mrs. Delaware International 2011 while judging an East Coast USA Pageant in Delaware.

Friends and family gathered for a terrific wine tasting at Miele (where Mary works) in Princeton, NJ.

AND THE BEST EVENT - Attending Kim's surprise 40th Birthday Party!!!!

Ja'lexis and I enjoyed volunteering for a day with veterans who support the Armed Forces Foundation.

My brother graduated from Penn State!!!  It took him a bit longer because he had several semesters off while competitively skiing.  He ranked in the top 25 mogul skiers in the country!

Another year at Mrs. New Jersey US.  We love Chris and Michelle and will always support their pageant!

March 12, 2011 - Danielle Wins Mrs. New Jersey International

Congratulations Heather on a great year as Mrs. New Jersey International 2010

Scrapbook Kit (again) Microferk's Imagica + some free crowns that I found online