Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Flag Day

My director, Jodi Cessna, asked me to participate in the Flag Day ceremony in Altoona, PA as the National Anthem singer.  It was a perfect day (not too hot, not too cool).  Many people came to celebrate the Flag that graces Gospel Hill.  The ceremony was held in Heritage Park in downtown Altoona.

The keynote speaker was terrific!  He gave a great speech and shed a few tears when telling the audience about some of his experiences in Vietnam.  I was happy to see that so many parents brought their children to the ceremony - I believe that it is important for children to learn from our Veterans. 

Here is a short video about Gospel Hill: CLICK HERE

Jodi Cessna (Central PA Community Foundation) - Mistress of Ceremonies

Renee, me, Dad
John Kazmaier: my former neighbor in Hollidaysburg and a very active man that serves his community
Another guest (and veteran) and I with George Montgomery
WHAT I WORE:  Well, this was another Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale steal!  Shoes - my staple item - Earthies in a taupe color (I pretty much wear these shoes all the time).  I wore pacific opal earrings, but I will try and find a better matching earring. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore Posts

When I was little, playing dress up using my Mother's old dresses and heels was a highlight.  Another fun activity was using more than several JCPenny catalogs to play "wedding" by picking out your wedding dress (and you were even allowed to mix the top of one dress with the bottom of another), your bridesmaid dresses, and then flipping to the back of the catalog to select furniture that would grace your new wedded home.  My childhood best friend, Mary, was the brainchild behind this awesome game!

Couple this with the fact that I was constantly wearing my mother's and aunt's high heels (my aunt's heels were terrific because she had incredible taste and the shoes fit me!) and breaking into my mother's makeup (she had to move it to a higher shelf to keep her makeup intact), it is easy to say that I was a "girly" girl.

As an adult, I still love to dress up in fabulous clothes and my love of shoes and makeup has only grown.  Hence, I love sharing What I Wore with other bloggers and have a grand time reviewing posts by other bloggers.

These posts have the added benefit of allowing me to share tidbits about my role as Mrs. Pennsylvania International 2013 with a broader audience. 

And, just so this post really does relate to "What I Wore" - here is a new addition to my closet straight from the sales rack!

Dress: Kate Spade (check, as well as Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and Neimans - they all run Kate Spade Sales - if you are diligent, you will never have to purchase any Kate Spade item that isn't on sale).
Shoes: Earthies
Jewelry: Clear Rhinestone Choker by Sarah C Jewelry (found on facebook); Flower Pendant by Sabika; Earrings by Blessed Inspirations Jewelry (found on facebook).
Trying on dress in Kate Spade store; I later purchased from Neimans (best sale price)

When I wore the dress yesterday, I styled it with the jewelry below.

The Pleated Poppy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harrisburg Capitol Visit

On Monday, June 10, 2013, I had the great honor and privilege of being invited with my sister queens to visit the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA.

Our incredible tour and lunch was hosted by the gracious and knowledgeable State Representative Jerry Stern (who also happens to be my dad's state rep!).  The opportunity to speak with our state representatives was a priceless gift; I especially enjoyed conversing with Representative Stern.  His knowledge of our government and the Bible make him a fascinating man - like my grandfather - I could have sat for hours listening and learning. 

Representative Stern kindly ensured that I had the opportunity to meet my local representative, Steve Santarsiero.  Representative Santarsiero is likewise a passionate and tenacious man who does a great job representing Newtown Township.  He is also an incredible speaker!

I don't think words can adequately express my thanks and appreciation to my directors, Jodi and Scott, who arranged this wonderful opportunity for the Pennsylvania International Titleholders.

Having a day to spend with my pageant sisters was delightful.  They are two incredible young ladies and it was a special treat to get to know them better.

 Here are the numerous photos!
This is the Capitol on a nice sunny day; I walked these steps in the pouring rain (but it was worth weathering the storm!)

The Golden Ticket to Special Floor Seating
House Floor before the uncontested voting
With Representative Santarsiero
Lilly Pulitzer all the way!!!  Dress, jacket and shoes were all deals that I snagged at the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale.  I am a Lilly fan - her items are fun and feminine.  This dress has delicate white flowers with pearl centers around the jacket collar and cuffs as well as around the neckline of the dress.  The A-Line skirt (not typical for me) added the "June Cleaver" flair that I believe is fitting for a Mrs titleholder.

Dress is still available online: CLICK HERE
Shoes are still available online: CLICK HERE
Jacket is available here: CLICK HERE

Necklace was Sabika (Spring 2012 Collection) and Earrings are a three stone light sapphire rhinestone earrings.

Watch Out for the Woestmans
Style Elixir
The Pleated Poppy
Get Your Pretty On

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pageant Girl Party

Thank you to Evelyn McCleod, Andrea Graham, and Mary Moulds for hosting a fun little party wishing Ceylone and I good luck at Mrs. International.  It was a great day to get together local pageant friends!  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful caring group of women that compete and are so extremely supportive of each other.  Ask any of us - we have all loaned clothing, shoes, earrings, etc to each other over the years!  We are happy to do it - and this party was yet another testament to the wonderful bond that we share!


Well, at the event, I wore a Jovani evening gown that is about 10 years old; seriously, I would be surprised if anyone even has the dress on ebay for $50 (it is that old).

Driving to the event, I wore my Dorothy Perkins dress with a new necklace from Sarah C (see the photo for the necklace and bracelet; I wish I could wear bracelets - but even on the smallest setting, they fall off my wrist).  Shoes are Enzo Angiolini black sandals from about 8 (or more) years ago (I remember wearing these shoes to a club when I was in law they are old).

Watch out for the Woestmans
Style Elixir
Get Your Pretty On
The Pleated Poppy