Sunday, November 26, 2006

Enjoy a few photos!
Susan does some finishing touches on Angie's makeup before the show.

One tired son and one great father and husband (you can't even imagine what pageant husbands go through for their wives :-) The Happy Family after Angie's big win!

The Jersey Connection and me. Susan, Mrs New Jersey United States, and some Mrs. New Jersey United States contestants (Danielle, Kimberly, and Mary) came to support Angela.

Another photo in front of the Christmas Tree!

Former Mrs. Delaware America 2005 (and now Director of Mrs. Delaware America) and Mrs. Delaware America 2007.

What a night! I am so tired and yet still so excited. The competition was very tight. All of the contestants did a wonderful job and the pageant was a pleasure to watch. It was organized and the emcees were terrific. Stage, lighting, and production were all wonderful.