Friday, November 16, 2007

Heavenly Angels Pageant National Pageant and Judging Sunburst Local Pageant

It was so wonderful to return to the Heavenly Angels Pageant and see everyone! I had a great time. The contestants were incredible this year! I only have a few photos because I was so busy most of the weekend.

It was fun to enjoy the weekend with Dr. Ellie.  She used this event as her practice pageant before Mrs. Delaware United States.  I realize that there are some that "look down" upon some of these kiddie pageants.  I do understand the stigma attached to these pageants; however, if you know the director and know the reputation of the pageant, the "good" pageants provide an awesome opportunity to hone your stage skills while having an enjoyable pageant weekend.

I know Grace James personally and would always recommend her pageants as a great opportunity.  She has qualified judges and a nice stage.  It truly is a great opportunity for a contestant wanting to polish herself before a big competition.

Here are my scrapbook pages:

Another recent Ms. American Renaissance Appearance:
I enjoyed judging a Sunburst Pageant in Delaware. The winners were just adorable!