Monday, July 16, 2007

Lightning Strikes – Literally…….

I have been busy with wedding planning and pageants this summer, however, my garden is still growing, although I am not keeping up on the weeding like I should.

In addition, right before I left for the American Renaissance Pageant, we had the worst lightening storm. Two trees in our yard were struck by lighting, and the damage is really noticable. The lightening storm hit as I was driving home from the tanning salon. I was greeted in the driveway with a portion of the tree that used to stand tall and proud in our yard!

Backyard Tree - lightening hit this tree and severed a large piece of the tree. The break area is close to two feet.

The branches from this tree greeted me the night before I left for North Carolina. From looking at the other similar tree, you can get an idea of the chunk of tree branches lost due to the lightening. Both tree used to look identical!