Saturday, July 12, 2008

McGuire VA Hospital Visit

My first appearance was today in Richmond, VA. I visited McGuire VA Hospital and thanked the patients there for their service to our country. Visiting this hospital and meeting these incredible military men and women is one of the best experiences! The patients are so uplifting and the other volunteers are just the nicest people that you could ever want to meet.

If you would ever like to visit McGuire VA Hospital, please email me!

Maria Beall (Mrs. All American) and her husband and son also volunteered today. It was wonderful to see her and her family! Just wish, Maria, that you had remembered to bring your crown and sash - because I wanted to try on that beautiful All American crown :-)

Thank you to Joe and Monica. I greatly enjoyed your company afterwards. Your home is beautiful, your pets are terrific, and your hospitality is the best! It was also so nice to meet Isabella. She is a very nice and beautiful girl. Thank you again!

Enjoy the photos!

NOTE: I had originally signed up as a contestant for the Mrs. PA US title, however, the title of Mrs. Southeastern PA was passed onto Kimberly Meehan. Kim and I are close friends and since we both qualify for multiple states due to our employment and volunteer work, I switched to being a DE contestant so that we would not have to compete against each other.