Sunday, August 23, 2009

2nd Annual Punkin Chunkin Pageant

Thank you to everyone for all of the facebook comments.

Here are the answers to your questions:
1) What is Punkin Chunkin? It is literally a contest to see who can build a machine to "chuck" the pumpkin the farthest. It is VERY fun to watch and national televised each year! See their website for pictures from last year. (link is on the side of my blog)

2) During this contest, there are a lot of activities - such as cooking contests, amusement park rides, live music, food (LOVE FUNNEL CAKE) and this pageant!!!

3) How did this get started? Dr. Ellie (Mrs. Delaware US 2008) and her husband really enjoy attending Punkin Chunkin. Last year, Dr. Ellie got in touch with the Punkin Chunkin Association and offered to produce a pageant.

Think of your typical festival pageants - they are quick, fun, and very inexpensive. Dr. Ellie wanted to produce a pageant to introduce more ladies to the positive aspects of pageantry, while minimizing the cost and stress level.

We felt that we accomplished that goal last year :-) Everyone had fun, everyone won a tiara, and the pageant competition lasted less than 30 minutes.

Please note that Dr. Ellie and I bear the costs of providing tiaras/sashes/gifts for this pageant. The $20 entry fee is merely to defray our costs.
(UPDATE: The Punkin Chunkin Association will be assisting with costs, which has allowed us to provide a scholarship to the winner of the Miss division!)

Punkin Chunkin fits us into their schedule and gives our queens the opportunity to assist with the prizes at the conclusion of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Event.

4) Preliminary Details on the pageant (I have to confirm the date and time, but it will be during the weekend of Punkin Chunkin)

Location: Punkin Chunkin Festival Stage (for directions, see

Competition: Speech (Name, Age, Something about yourself, Favorite Activity at Punkin Chunkin; 30 second speech) and Beauty Walk (please wear weather appropriate stylish clothing for Punkin Chunkin)

Cost: $20

Prizes - Everyone wins a Pumpkin Tiara

Age Divisions: Little Miss (6-9), Junior Miss (10-14), Teen (15-18), Miss (19-24)

Maximum of 8 contestants per age group will be accepted.

To enter and for further information: or 302-753-1115

5) Why I am organizing the event this year? Because as much as I know that Dr. Ellie can handle everything that comes her way (and does so beautifully), she is very pregnant and I am hoping to keep this year's event off her plate as much as possible!!! Plus, I have an awesome director and great friends (even facebook friends!) who are offering to help :-)

Here is a link to last year's photos:

OH OH OH - Last year's queens will be invited back to assist with crowning :-)
Also, all Moore Pageant Productions current state and local titleholders are invited as special guests (and I will be putting some of you to work :-).