Thursday, December 17, 2009

Delaware Swearing In Ceremony for New Lawyers

I was asked by the Delaware Supreme Court to deliver a speech to the Swearing In Ceremony for new Delaware attorneys on December 14, 2009. I was extremely honored and surprised to be selected for this speech because only one new lawyer (5 years or less as a Delaware attorney) is selected to give a speech each year.

This was an official court hearing with all five Delaware Supreme Court Justices sitting on the bench. I was incredibly nervous when writing my speech and even more nervous when delivering it. When I saw that several Family Court Judges were also present (they were moving the admission of their law clerks), I became even more nervous (it wasn't my happy day...until after that speech).

Here are a few photos from the event (note that when one appears before the Delaware Supreme Court, one is to dress appropriately, meaning one must wear a white blouse and a black suit).

Don't I look just a bit different when I am dressed for pageant events :-)

Thank you to Judge Coppadge for introducing me to the governor and taking this photo. I had to laugh when Judge Coppadge's introduction was "This is Mrs. Delaware!"