Tuesday, June 8, 2010

March 2010 NRCC Dinner

Oh my gosh - an incredible day (and even better that I was with my family, who I don't get to often see)! I arrived in a DC in the morning and beat my family to the hotel (not like me to arrive first!!).

The Willard was beautiful.

The day started with a lunch at a nearby hotel and Sean Hannity made a quick appearance!

Next, my father, Renee, and I attended a session on the healthcare. Interesting to hear about how terrible Obama care is going to be! Obama is going to ruin this country. I can't wait until the next election. Anyone who believes that Obamacare is going to be good is just wrong. Sorry, but our government lied to us about the fact that it was a cost-saving bill and they also lied when said that rationing wouldn't happen. It will be interesting to see Obama supporters yelling when care is rationed on their family members.

Now, onto a fabulous dinner! The pictures speak for themselves!

Then we headed to the Hard Rock for the after party - which was equally as fun, however, I was pretty tired at that point after getting up to drive to DC that morning at 6AM.

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