Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Hispanic Delaware

I was so proud of all of Ja'Lexis's hard work and preparation for this pageant. She did an excellent job and had a great performance on the night of the pageant.

Attending a Hispanic pageant is always a treat. The crowds REALLY cheer, the cultural talents are terrific, and the emcees are very engaging. The pageant, despite being three hours, was quite enjoyable.

And yes, I took a ton of photos of Ja'Lexis.

I wish that I could say nice things about the results and the integrity of the pageant directors; but I can't.  I can say that they are LUCKY that Ja'lexis did not take them to small claims court.  They do not realize that I read their pageant paperwork - and strongly believed that Ja'lexis had a claim against them for the crown, sash, and $1000 cash award (and she could use that money!).  Nonetheless, sometimes, it is just better to walk away.  I am proud of her for doing just that.