Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

Soon to be Hubby and I didn't take very many photos this New Year's Eve, however we had a wonderful dinner at the Back Burner in Hockessin with Soon to be Hubby's Mom. When I tried to take dinner photos, we realized that the batteries were dead on the camera. Oh well, after a very filling dinner, Soon to be Hubby and I rang in the new year from our couch wearing pjs :-) At least we got dressed up for dinner :-)

While playing with toys, Loki discovered that the Christmas tree provides a special hideout. Soon to be Hubby and I realized something was wrong when Soon to be Hubby saw the entire tree shake from upstairs. We no longer encourage Loki to play underneath the Christmas tree :-)
FYI - Loki and Egg are still sticking their heads into the stockings. I guess that they are hoping that Santa will visit again and put additional treats into those stockings!