Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rudy visits Delaware

And I got to sing the National Anthem at the dinner where Rudy was awarded the Pete DuPont Individual Freedom Award!

For anyone who is curious, Soon to be Hubby and I are FULLY SUPPORTING the idea that Rudy is the Republican's BEST CHANCE at winning in 2008! This guy is a fantastic speaker - and so equolently explained many issues (I won't go into a political discussion about Iraq or immigration), but I was particularly happy when Rudy spoke about school vouchers. The best way to get a hand up is to get your kid a good education. You can't do that if your local public school isn't doing their job and you, as a parent, cannot afford a private school. While Rudy was Mayor, some good citizens of NYC got together and promised to give 2500 public school students a chance to go to private school on full scholarships. 167,000 applications were turned in for these 2500 spots. Seems to me that those numbers alone prove that there are 167,000 parents in NYC that want something better for their kids than what the public schools are offering.

I only took at few photos at the event, so I had Soon to be Hubby do a quick snap shot of me upon returning home.