Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Vermont Pageant


I am in Vermont this weekend as a judge for the Miss Vermont and Vermont's Outstanding Teen Pageants!!!!

I had a LONG ride to get here, but I made it in one piece :-)
I laughed when I chose to get off the highway in New York and realized that I chose the exit where Orange County Choppers is located. It was neat to see in person what my husband and I watch on television.

The judges are fantastic and the staff is even more incredible. The icing on the cake is the contestants. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know each of them today. Parents, families, and friends should be proud of ALL of them.

Megan (Miss VT 2005 and Judge's Chair) snapped a photo of us today before the teen interviews began.

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Vermont's Outstanding Teen Pageant
We started off the day with a nice brunch before the pageant. Congratulations to Sarah Crampton - Vermont's Outstanding Teen. All of the contestants were incredible. There must be some very, very proud parents. I was impressed with every teen that I met and REALLY ENJOYED meeting all of them.

The exact same applies to the Miss Pageant.  Vermont has to be one incredible state based upon the ladies that I had the privilege to meet through this pageant!

Congratulations to all!!

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Scrapbook Page: DBA Enchanted

Scrapbook Page: DBA Enchanted

Sunday - Traveling home and enjoying a few stops with Miss Delaware (Heather Lehman) and her mom, Martha.

We visited Dankin Farm store and bought some delicious (and fattening) foods. We stopped at Crown Point to check out the lighthouse and enjoyed our off the beaten path excursion!

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