Saturday, March 3, 2012


I saw these items one day in Sheetz (gas station).  They looked great, but pricey.

Then, I saw one in the food drawer at the office.  Denise, my boss, is very aware of what she eats, so I knew that if she approved, these GoPicnics must be good.

So, I found a few boxes today at Wegmans in Warminster, PA.  I ate the tuna box tonight and it is a good snack.  It will not be a great substitute for lunch (I like food and like to eat lots of it!), but if you have a long day at the office, are on a long drive, and/or in need of an afternoon pick me up, these are great!

Prices: Your best bet is to find them at Target and/or Wegmans.  If you have to order online, use amazon and click on "new and used" so you can see prices from several different vendors.  I found a vendor that sells this for less than $4 per box.  I paid $4 per box at Wegmans.