Friday, August 3, 2012

What I Wore (Recently)

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I feel so out of touch.  August has been a busy month with work and events.

Here are some outfits I wore this month.  

Enjoy the photos:

I love my Evy's Tree Hoodie

Sorry for the quality of the photo....I am still very much learning to take pictures.

My casual (no makeup) errand day.  I wore Evy's Tree hoodie in white with black yoga pants (and I am wearing a white tank top underneath).  I dressed the outfit up with Garden Party Sabika Choker and colorful flower earrings that I had custom made.  

Evy's Tree is not currently selling her products, but you definitely need to sign up for her newsletter; the clothing is just too adorable (and so very appropriate for those of us who want to look cute, classy, and reasonably modest).

I did some pageant judging this month with Mary.  
I was FREEZING at the hotel, lucky for me, I packed my Evy's Tree Brilla!!

Although I would walk into the ballroom to judge wearing my dress, this is how I sat at the judging table (to avoid freezing to death).

Here was my dress (by Muse) and Wine and Dine Sabika Jewelry (from the Classics Catalog).  I love this jewelry for this dress.  

Word of Caution: Although I do like the namebrand Muse, I find that these dresses (I have 4 of them because they were $20 each) photograph horrible when I stand facing the camera.  For some reason, I look fat, no matter what I do.  For $20, these dresses are great for court because I pair them with a black jacket and go.  For the cost, they work.  I would just be careful if you run across this brand; make sure you try it on and be prepared for alterations (which I had to do with other Muse dresses).  Overall, I still recommend the brand because I have six dresses - all that I found on sale for under $50 each!

Dressy Night Judge (and saying good-bye to Mary who had to leave the pageant early).  I purchased this David Miester Dress on sale at Nordstroms.  The shoes were not on all sale, but they were too gorgeous to pass up.  I wore the Cowboy necklace from Sabika's Fall 2011 catalog and paired it with rhinestone earrings that I had custom made (because I sadly passed up the chance to buy the sabika earrings.....I won't do that again!).

At Susan's Mrs. PA America send-off party to Mrs. America:
I bought this blouse at some boutique.  I wore khaki pants by Eddie Bauer and a Sabika necklace (Luxed-up from Spring 2012).
Heather, Danielle, Susan, Beth, and Me

 And I have to post a picture of the beautiful Beth wearing earrings by Heather Hemingway:

And my husband and I celebrated 5 Years of Marriage!!  (but we hate these photos.....oh well....there are plenty of more anniversaries to come ;-)

Cardigan and matching tank top - from some local boutique
Jewelry: Sabika Classics (heart pendant, beaded choker, rhinestone choker) and Sabika Fall 2011 Earrings.
Jeans: Not your daughter's (buy from - they only cost $50, rather than $150)
Shoes: Kohls

My husband and I in front of our home.  I am not the best gardner, so I am thrilled that those trees are not dead, but I anticipate getting rid of them next year and just planting flowers.

Like my front door wreaths?  They were from Wal-Mart for $20!