Monday, November 16, 2015

Pennsylvania International Pageants April 2014: Orientation, Mall Autograph Signing, Friendly's, and Dessert Party

Although I have not blogged in quite some time, I decided to play catch up!

A week after my baby shower, I passed along my title to a lucky new woman.

Here are photos from the perspective of the outgoing queens!  We had a blast enjoying our last moments as a titleholders together and enjoyed the show from a very different perspective.

Morning photo before meeting Ashley for an awesome breakfast at our favorite place - Crepery!

We had customized gift bags for all the contestants - each bag was embroidered with the logo and the contestant's first name.

Ready for Orientation

Mrs. Contestants
Miss Contestants

Car ride to lunch
Queenies (my nickname for Rachel and Ashley) having fun in the backseat of my car

Friendly's Restaurant

Flowers from Beth, a close friend

Mall Appearance

with Susan, Mrs. PA International 2008 and a very close friend
Our whole year - always having fun!!!

Dessert Party - Gifts for the Cessna's, the most incredible directors!!!

Cake with the Queenies