Monday, November 16, 2015

Pennsylvania International Pageants April 2014 - Part 2 - Interviews and Pageat

Pageant day arrived.  We had interviews very early in the morning.  Given that the hairstylist (Barbie) and I kept talking, I was amazed that I was on time :-)

Next up - the pageant!

Opening number, fun fashion (sorry, no Mrs competed, so no photos here), fitness, on stage interview, gown and crowning.  As outgoing queens, we appeared in opening, on stage interview, our farewells, and crowning.

Being interview after opening number

Ashlee interviewing the new Teen queen

Rachel interviewing the new Miss queen

Me interviewing a heart attack survivor - a very touching story from the beautiful  Danielle 
Backstage fun with comfy shoes before on stage interviews
Ashlee's Farewell

Rachel's Farewell

My farewell

New Queens

Cessna Girls!
One of our last shots before crowning the new queens!  Love these girls!
with Hubby after crowning

With Sheri (Mrs PA Intl 2009) and Susan (Mrs. PA Intl 2008)