Tuesday, June 14, 2011

April and May 2011 - Pageants, Alzheimer's Charity Event, Veterans Event, Family, and Friends

April and May were busy months for me filled with lots of time with friends.  At least by this time, I had unpacked my house enough that I knew where to find hair brushes, hair spray, and makeup.  When I was getting ready to attend Mrs. New Jersey International 2011 in March, it took me 20 minutes to find my makeup!

April started with me handling PFA trials in Delaware in the morning and driving straight to North Jersey for Danielle's fundraising event.  It was her first big event as Mrs. New Jersey International!!!

April continued as friends gathered again to support Mary's MS Walk.

April finished with me singing the National Anthem at Delaware Park and gathering with Kappa Alpha Theta sisters!

Susan and I had a great time meeting Mrs. Delaware International 2011 while judging an East Coast USA Pageant in Delaware.

Friends and family gathered for a terrific wine tasting at Miele (where Mary works) in Princeton, NJ.

AND THE BEST EVENT - Attending Kim's surprise 40th Birthday Party!!!!

Ja'lexis and I enjoyed volunteering for a day with veterans who support the Armed Forces Foundation.

My brother graduated from Penn State!!!  It took him a bit longer because he had several semesters off while competitively skiing.  He ranked in the top 25 mogul skiers in the country!

Another year at Mrs. New Jersey US.  We love Chris and Michelle and will always support their pageant!