Saturday, July 28, 2012

Girls Weekend to Celebrate Mary's 40th Birthday

There are no words to express how thankful I am for some incredible girlfriends - all of whom I met through pageantry!!!

Here are some photos from our trip to Tampa during July of this year.

Cocktails at 9AM - it is 5PM somewhere as my friend Adam pointed out on facebook!

Local outdoor restaurant - we were hot, but needless to say, the dive bar/restaurant next to the bay had awesome seafood!

 PJ Time - you are never too old for a girlfriend sleepover

 Enjoying the St. Pete Bay next to the complex pool

and later this nice little shark (doesn't it look like a hammerhead?) came by - very, very close to where we were sitting in the water!

Girls weekend is not complete without a photo shoot (Kim and I must have taken 100 photos of each other!)

Ready for our limo to arrive and to hit the town ;-)

Happy Birthday Mary!!!

 Night 2 - time to chill out - we went to the restaurant at the pink hotel (where we will never stay because of the foreigners at the pool who do not share our opinions on appropriate displays of public affection.....none the are welcome in the good ole USA anytime to spend money!)

 Goodbye St. Pete - thanks for a great weekend with the best girlfriends!  We are truly blessed!