Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PA Amateur Golf Tournament

July 30, 2012

Congratulations to my brother (David) and Anthony (cousin) for playing in the PA Amateur Golf Tournament.  I followed my brother on his first round with my father, who gave me a primar in golf since I never learned to play (although I did plenty of cartwheels on those Scotch Valley Greens growing up as a child).

This was David's first year qualifying (so we were very proud for him to be at the event).  I think this was Anthony's third year playing and 2nd or 3rd top five finish (which is incredible!).

Here are some photos of my brother (Anthony played in the morning...and though I love my family, I love sleeping too, so I didn't get there in time to follow and/or take photos of him).

I have to also mention that my brother's caddy seemed like a really nice kid.  He did a great job and seemed to really be trying to help my brother - Kudos to the great caddy!

My brother, David, and my cousin, Anthony, were representing Scotch Valley Country Club (owned by our family company, the DeGol Organization).