Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello from Mrs International

My mom, Susan, and I were supposed to drive to Chicago together; however, my mom had to back out due to some responsibilities at home (grandchildren by the names of Marissa and Hailee - and they always come first!!).

So, Susan and I loaded up the car and headed out about 8AM on Sunday morning.  

We had a beautiful drive down interstate 80.  We ate lunch at my favorite place on earth: Sheetz!

Continuing on, we hit the Ohio border (you Ohio people build really nice rest stops).

We stopped again for some fun at the Indiana signs:

At our dinner stop, we realized that we were across the street from Notre Dame Stadium parking.  So, we drove to the campus and had a lovely walk after our dinner.  The campus is beautiful!  We especially enjoyed the church.  No interior photos were taken because people were praying inside.

FINALLY, we hit Chicago:

We unpacked:

And the next morning, I took a trip to the Chicago Art Institute!  SO MUCH FUN!!!  Impressionist paintings and mini rooms as well as a great view on the drive of Lake Michigan.
WHAT I WORE:  Flip flops (easy to walk in); Michael Kors white shorts (two years old); Boston Proper Top (recent sale purchase); Sabika Soft Palette Necklace (best piece that I own); Chrysolite rhinestone earrings.

And for dinner, a special treat - my host family from the National Sweetheart Pageant in 1999 drove to eat with Susan and I at the Cheesecake Factory!!