Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hobby of Following European Royal Fashions

I have developed over the past two years a hobby of following the fashion of European royalty.  I find that many of the princesses and queens wear very tailored and classy items.  Items that are easily copied for less money or (better yet) are items that are reasonably priced on their own.

From Duchess Kate, I learned about Reiss.  Now, I am not one to pay for a regular priced Reiss dress, but those dresses become surprisingly affordable when they hit the sale rack!

In early 2013, Reiss had a great sale and I purchased a red dress.  I was very pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite princess (Princess Marie of Denmark) appeared wearing the exact dress.

After seeing Princess Marie in the dress, I think that I will skip the necklace next time and just wear earrings.  Like Princess Marie, I wore taupe heels with this dress.

 Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs with a photo of Princess Marie:

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