Monday, October 21, 2013

Vacation Outfits - Part 3 - Pure Relaxation

We took a walk in our driveway - which is a sand dune.  We stayed in the OBX 4X4 beaches; there are no "real" roads up here.  You drive on the beach and then up over a sand dune to get to your house.  It is quiet and secluded - and we love it!  We even saw the wild horses in our driveway the night that we arrived!

We decided to do at least one sight seeing activity - so we finally visited the Whalehead House Museum and re-visited the Currictuck Lighthouse in Corolla.  We haven't climbed the lighthouse since our honeymoon over six years ago.  We have been so lazy on this vacation that climbing the lighthouse stairs was the most exercise yet!

I wore Cabi jeans from last season, a white tank top, Evy's Tree Hoodie and Blessed Inspirations Jewelry.

 Back to the beach for playtime!