Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vacation Outfits - Part 1

I think I will call this vacation my laziest vacation yet!  My husband and I did practically nothing - and loved it!  I did read several books and completed many many digital scrapbook pages.  Not getting pregnant has definitely taken its toll on me, so a lazy vacation (and lots of bad food without guilt) was perfect!

The few times that my husband and I ventured out of the house, here are my attempts at looking nice.

Matilda Jane Dress, Nike Flip Flops and Sabika Jewelry (Pendant Necklace and Earrings from current Sabika season; other necklace from Elena Maratos)

Here are many of our fun beach photos:

We went out to our favorite Duck, NC restaurant - Elizabeth's Wine Bar and Cafe
I am wearing a Kate Spade dress that I wear often; Sabika Jewelry from Spring of 2012 and a Sarah C Necklace.  My earrings are a 14mm fuchsia rivoli earring.  Shoes are by Earthies.
 I get cold so easily, so I brought my Evy's Tree hoodie to dinner.