Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet N Greet with Congressman Glenn Thompson - March 14, 2014

Rachel, Miss Pennsylvania International 2014, was diligent in her efforts to garner our little trio a Meet and Greet with the very dedicated and smart Congressman Glenn Thompson.  Yes, there are politicians in Washington, D.C. that truly care about this country and are working diligently to follow their heart and make good decisions.  I am so grateful to Rachel and to the Congressman for this opportunity!

And of course, our little trio had a FABULOUS time in D.C. although we were a bit shy about some of the attention we received when we shot photos with our crowns/banners.

Supreme Court behind me
Clearly, I cannot jump as well when five months pregnant, but it is still a fun shot!
Capital Grille - steak for dinner - OH YES!

What I wore:
Well, I think this should be titled, what I should NOT have worn.  I loved this dress in the store (sorry, it is at the dry cleaner and I don't remember the brand), but I think it was ultimately a bad choice.  After pregnancy, I will have it altered down and will remove the band of lace across the bottom and extend the lace to the bottom of the dress - so that the sides will have black lines from top to bottom, but no lace line to cut my body into two pieces at the hemline of the dress.
I wore very old BOC flats.  For the photo with the Congressman, I wore sparkly Sam and Libby flats (but they were uncomfortable - I refused to walk around DC five months pregnant in uncomfortable shoes!).

Sweater - Banana Republic

My coat was a cast off casual mink from my mom that is about a decade old.  The scarf came from my mom too and is likewise about a decade old.

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