Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pennsylvania International Pageant Seminar - March 8, 2014

I remember this time during 2013 when I attended the pageant seminar as a contestant.  Jodi and Scott provide so much valuable information during the seminar and it is a very helpful event for the contestants.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet the contestants!

Here are photos from this year!

Sabika necklace from Fall 2013 + Rainbow Necklace from Elena Maratos + fern green rhinestone earrings from Elena Maratos
Green Muse Dress - this is not a maternity dress but I look better wearing it now that I am pregnant than I ever did when I wasn't pregnant.  I might save this dress for another year or two on the off chance that I will get pregnant again.
Shoes - old taupe pair; I think they are Banana Republic

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