Friday, April 26, 2013

Armed Forces Foundation Gala Dinner

I was so excited to volunteer with the Armed Forces Foundation for their Gala Event at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

The volunteers were commenting that we had so much fun together!  Everyone has such great hearts and to volunteer and talk with these individuals was a treat.  Meeting some of the staff of AFF was an added bonus.  These individuals are extraordinary at their jobs and seeing them in action left me in awe (their organizational skills, professionalism, and energy was top notch).

With the color-guard leader and a group of fellow volunteers (Riki, the petite woman next to me, volunteers almost every month at the McGuire hospital in Richmond).  Monika organizes the hospital dinners and looked radiant in her pink dress.

This lovely lady was very kind and took some photos of me while singing ;-)

AFF asked me to sing the National Anthem.

I really enjoyed chatting with my tablemates - how cute are these two taking a photo of themselves on their iphone!!  Such an honor to be able to meet our brave military members and their friends/family.

These incredible ladies work with a computer company!  They need to do pageants - they are so beautiful!

I finally got a shot of me wearing the crown and sash ;-)

This soldier wanted this racing uniform.  He was outbid for it in the silent auction.  The generous lady who outbid him gave him the uniform!!!  It was so touching (I hope that she got to see his incredible reaction, because at our table, I was almost reduced to tears over his happiness!).

 Another adorable couple!!!

 Special thanks to this group for educating me on how to be a better volunteer!!

Recognize Brian Kilmeande?  He was genuine and patient.  He took time with every individual who wanted to meet him - and he was up at dawn for the news the next morning! 

 This lovely lady will be deployed soon - love, prayers, and good thoughts go with her!  She loved wearing the crown and sash.  I really hope that she considers competing some day!!!

I have met these great service members while volunteering in Bethesda.
 The best PR guy ever!!!!!!!
 "Uncle" Joe - his heart and service to our soldiers is only matched by his wife's (Monika) efforts!