Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Session with Clay Spann

It was such a treat to meet the famous Joey and Clay in Dothan, AL.  I cannot wait to receive my photos!!!

I had a great trip and really enjoyed Alabama, especially since I have never been there!  My hotel in Dothan, the Fairfield Inn, had the nicest people.  I will be sure to write a great review on Trip Advisor for them!

Clothing laid out for photo shoot - I didn't wear all of this, but I certainly brought a lot of options

Clay Spann and I

The ever-knowledgeable Terri and I

Clay was very kind and gave me some fantastic beauty tips and I wanted to share.

1) If you want really dry hair, Clay's hair dryer is an incredible tool and very reasonably priced.

2) Get a teasing brush.  I learned this from Tony Caine (RIP) and now Clay.  My hair was perfectly teased thanks to this great little brush!

3) Purse Items: 2 powders, bronzer, lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner (unless you know yours won't fade).  Best lesson here: two powder colors so that you can touch up the area under your eyes in a lighter tone (making you appear more awake) and use the other color powder to finish off the rest of your face.  Bronzer is necessary in case you need to re-sculpt your face after applying the powder.

My favorite purse powder:

During the drive to and from the Atlanta Airport, I discovered the incredible mansion town of Eufala, AL.  So, I was sure to stop and take some photos with the iphone of this incredible mansion before driving back to ATL to fly home.  It was well worth my time to stop; I didn't get the tour because I didn't have the time, but I did buy a great book that will teach me the history of the mansion and the general area.

 Check out the hardwood floors and all the woodwork trim - just incredibly beautiful and ornate!