Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alex's Lemonade Stand - Supporting the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Thank you for Ceylone, Mrs. New Jersey International 2013, who invited me to join her at an appearance to support Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Although it was HOT today, we had a great time at this very family friendly outdoor event!!!  Rosann Conway and Tracy Schrader organized the event and did a fantastic job.  Thank you also to our hosts for the day - STEP II DANCE CENTER! 

There were incredible vendors!  I now own some specialty soap, will be getting chocolate sea salt popcorn (tastefully simple), and beautiful false eyelashes. 

A special treat was meeting Mike Fitzpatrick - my local Congressman!  He told Ceylone and I to get in touch with his office to have a tour of the won't have to ask twice!  TRAIN RIDE COMING UP!!! 

Enjoy all the great photos!! 

With my local Congressman - Mike Fitzpatrick