Thursday, May 30, 2013

Next Level Youth Pageant

I was so honored when Evelyn asked me to sing the National Anthem for her Next Level Youth Pageant held in New Jersey on May 24, 2013.

Evelyn does an incredible job with these ladies.  She collects clothing, gowns, and just about everything that they would need to participate in a pageant.  Then she gives them interview and stage training.  These are not the contestants that participate in 10 pageants - and this is yet another one.  These are contestants that but for this pageant would not necessarily have the opportunity or the funding to participate in a big production.  The stage and speaking skills taught during their training  provide invaluable life skills.

Kudos to Evelyn for an incredible job!!!!!!  Kudos to the terrific contestants for an incredible performance; they were just lovely on that stage!

It was also fun to visit with other current titleholders (Ceylone (Mrs. New Jersey International 2013), Susan Huntley (Mrs. Pennsylvania America 2012), and Joy (Mrs. New Jersey United States 2013)) as well as pageant friends.

The emcees for the evening were FANTASTIC!!!!!

Special Congratulations to the Pageantry Spirit Award Winner: Richard Krauss!!!!!  

Enjoy the photos!

Regina Santos and her daughter

Mrs. NJ US 2013 (Joy) and Andrea

Me, Joy, and Michelle Anderson

Danielle, Me, Ceylone, Mary, and Susan

This outfit is somewhat repeated from here: What I Wore
David Miester Dress from Nordstrom and black rhinestone shoes from Nordstrom.  This dress is extremely comfortable and since it was a wet and rainy evening that night, it worked quite well.

The shoes are by GLINT

Earrings were purchased from Gaspar Cruz back in 2008.  I wore them in this old headshot:

The Pleated Poppy