Thursday, February 16, 2012

Armed Forces Foundation - Volunteer Work

Thank you to Joe and Monika, who graciously invited me to their home to spend the night so that I could volunteer with them at two hospital dinners - one in Bethesda, MD and the other in Richmond, VA.

I forgot my camera card, so there are no pictures from Bethesda :-(

But I bought a camera card before the dinner in Richmond.  We had a great time.  Dessert was TERRIFIC - OH MY GOSH WERE THOSE CUPCAKES GOOD!

And the dancing - the dancing photos just don't show you how much fun we were having!

 What I love about the photo below of Jennifer and me is that she was there to volunteer during September 2007 - the first time that the "beauty queens" volunteered for a dinner at McGuire Hospital.  It was terrific to see Jennifer again (she even brought her husband and children to help!).  This is proof that beauty queens actually do volunteer work when we are not even competing ;-)