Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crown Wall Decor

As a pageant girl, I am OBSESSED with crowns.  I love (almost) anything crown, especially when decorating my office.  I work from home for the most part as an attorney, so I want my environment to be something that I love - and I love crowns!

Recently, I purchased two wall crowns from Kirklands in Wilmington, DE.  They were $9.99 a piece! When I posted them on facebook, several people commented.  This got to thinking about crown decor in my home (really my office).  So here are a few photos of my home office. 
Purchased at Kirklands for $9.99 per crown
The Crown Frame was purchased at Hobby Lobby - again - about $10

My crown case

Crown Frame - I am pretty sure I bought this from
Awareness Angel - Prize from the American Renaissance Pageant


And here are more than several crown decor items that I found on sale online.  Click the photo to be taken to the retailer.

I have this in my family room - it is not bad, but not great.  For the $10 that I paid for it - it is terrific!!!