Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mrs Pennsylvania America and Mrs. New Jersey America Pageants

My close friend, Susan Huntley, competed for the title of Mrs. Pennsylvania America this weekend and WON!!!  The pageant weekend commenced on Friday with a very classy dinner for the contestants, families, and friends.  Since Susan's husband is a chef (so Friday nights off are NOT part of his regular schedule), Danielle and I were Susan's date for the dinner!  We had a terrific time and really enjoyed our table mates.  You really do meet some of the nicest people in pageantry!!!!

On Saturday, we woke up to a nice room service breakfast (who wants to put on hair/makeup to leave the hotel room).  Danielle and I had a great opportunity to wait with Susan before her interview and talk with all the contestants.  Susan mentioned in her on stage evening gown speech that PA/NJ's greatest resource is their married women - and after meeting the women of this pageant - that statement was proven so true! 

Everyone was incredibly friendly (and this was before they went into their private interviews - so even a bit of nerves didn't stop these women from being their lovely, classy selves).

Enjoy the photos!

See my next post for all the photos from Saturday Night!