Sunday, February 5, 2012


To say that I have an obsession with jewelry is a minor statement.  Even my pageant girlfriends (who have their own large collections) say that my collection is over the top.  In my obsession to always find cool things, I spend a lot of time shopping for deals on the internet, at the mall, and/or on ebay.

Clearly, from my "What I Wore" posts, you can see that my new obsession includes rhinestone tennis necklaces (like Sabika)!

Here are some of my recent interesting finds.

Cool Purple Rhinestone Earrings

And of course, I love Sabika.  Pictures can be found in my previous posts.  Sabika jewelry is an in-home line of jewelry; message me for the name of my local Sabika supplier ;-)

What are you favorite jewels?  And where are your favorite spots to shop?