Friday, May 24, 2013

Armed Forces Foundation Dinner in Richmond, VA; May 17, 2013

Returning to McGuire Veterans' Hospital in Richmond, Virginia was an incredible experience.  I really enjoyed speaking to a patient from the central plains.  I wish I had more photos, but this patient and I were busy discussing and solving the world's problems.  His background gave him unique insight and perspective.  It was a great conversation.

After the dinner, I was able to grab a few shots with some other volunteers.

What I Wore:
Coral Dress by Gianni Bini available at Dillard's.  I love how comfortable this dress is, but the sleeves were too hot for the Virginia humidity.

Shoes: I wore flip flops while serving the meal because you need to be comfortable and able to move quickly.  But, the shoe that matches this dress is by Antonio Melani (also from Dillard's).

Jewelry:  Sabika makes an appearance (heck, I am always mixing my Sabika with my other jewelry).  Below is a close up I snapped on the car ride.  I am wearing the Sabika Garden Party choker, cross pendant, and flower pendant.  These items are classics and are available to purchase.  The second necklace is a rainbow necklace purchased from Europe.  The heart pendant was purchased from Blessed Inspirations (search that name to friend request her).


Ever want to help the troops by serving a meal in Richmond?  Email me at