Friday, May 10, 2013

What I wore - Pageant Headshots

I posted some new headshots on facebook and received many lovely compliments on the headshot.  The dress and jewelry were popular too!

So, I wanted to share information about the jewelry and dress in the photo.

Photo by Clay Spann (

Purchased from The Competitive Image (they were less than $30) (

Bridal Suite of Johnstown - Mori Lee Style 9213 (

The necklace where you can see the purple beading is from Sabika (email me if you want to order Sabika Jewelry; I have a great consultant;  My necklace is from the Spring 2011 collection and is available via Sabika Trade groups on facebook and/or ebay.

The other two necklaces were purchased from Greece, however, I more recently found two hobbyists in the United States.  I feel that the hobbyists create custom necklaces that are better quality than the ones that I ordered from Greece.  All the necklaces are made with Swarovski Elements.

To get your own custom created necklace, I recommend Sarah C Jewelry ( and Blessed Inspirations (you must privately friend request her on facebook).  Both of these ladies make terrific jewelry and could create similar pieces to what I am wearing - and both offer very reasonable pricing (ie - less than what I paid!).