Sunday, August 11, 2013

Altoona Curve Pirates and Princess Party - August 4, 2013

I love joint appearances!  My sister queens are simply awesome and it is so much fun to do an appearance with them!

Traveling to Altoona is also a highlight because I have seen more of my family during my reign as Mrs. PA International 2013 than I have over the past five years combined.  After I give up the title, my goal is to return to Altoona at least once every other month so that I can see family (I have 18 first cousins - 15 of whom live in the area with or near their parents (so add in aunts/uncles), a grandmother, a father and Renee, a brother and his girlfriend, and godparents and their say the least, I can easily stay busy with six visits a year).

I loved seeing my godmother and her family at the game too!! SO excited for Brittani's wedding on New Year's Eve!

Here are the photos:

What I wore: Repeat again, white lace dress, see original post HERE
I slightly changed the jewelry this time.  I wore Heather Hemingway earrings and I used a Sarah C Jewelry necklace (it is the necklace with larger stones) paired with two necklaces from Elena Maratos.

SHOES: Because I was at a baseball field, 5 inch pageant heels all night were just not an option for me.  So I wore my white Earthies sandals.  They were a bit casual, but hey, I was wearing a cocktail dress with a crown and sash at a baseball game....I was already a little oddly dressed for the occasion, a comfortable sandal worked given the circumstances.

Godmother and Family

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