Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mrs International Day 3 - Interview and Ball

This post is heavy with photos, so I will write brief descriptions on what I wore.

For interview, I repeated the dress and heels, as HERE.  My earrings that match the dress are missing, so I borrowed earrings from Susan.

After interview, I wore a Kate Spade Dress, as HERE
The shoes are an old pageant pair of Alisha Hill taupe sandals.  I wish that she still produced them because they are reasonably comfortable and match so many things during the summer.

For the ball, I wore a Heather French Henry gown with Vince Camuto shoes and Heather Hemingway earrings.  I found a purse that matched beautifully at Aldo.
Cessna Girls with Jodi and Scott Cessa; NJ, NY, and PA (me) are the current queens.  Susan (Northeast) held the title of Mrs. PA International in 2008 and was at the pageant a regional titleholder to compete again.