Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mrs International - Finals

I have never felt so at peace when competing in a pageant.  I pretty much knew that I was not going to be in the top 15; you would think that would make me upset.  At this pageant, it didn't.  I knew that I had experienced everything that I was supposed to have experienced.  I met some incredible women and I hope that facebook allows us to remain in touch.  This pageant is probably the most well run pageant out there.  Ladies are treated like queens and showcased as such.  Everything in this pageant is tasteful (and appropriate...if you are conservative like me, this matters, a lot).  This is a pageant I would highly recommend to anyone considering entering a Mrs. pageant.  I am proud to share this pageant with family and friends.

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Here are a few photos and descriptions of what I wore with more of my repeats.

BEST PAGEANT LESSON: Repeat what you wear!  These clothes are expensive.  For pageants, you really need to buy your clothes (hopefully on sale) because almost everything should be tailored for a great fit.  This requires a significant investment, so the best thing I learned is to go ahead and repeat everything!  For the cost of each dress, it should be worn over and over as much as possible!  Also, there is a side benefit that if you repeat your pageant wardrobe, you are more likely to stick to a reasonable diet (so you fit into said wardrobe!).

Morning, I repeated the white lace dress, see HERE
I had to change the necklaces because my Sabika necklace broke when I fell at the gas station (I have a nice little Harry Potter style scar to remind me of my destroyed Sabika necklace and my knees were still skinned when I competed for Mrs. International).  So my necklaces were from Elena Maratos

For competition, I wore my purple evening gown, see description HERE
I changed the earrings to the AB earrings in this photo (when the large stone is flipped over, it is covered in tiny AB crystals).

After the pageant, I repeated my state pageant on stage interview dress, see description HERE

Evy's Tree Hoodie to keep warm during practice

Esquire Club
Susan Botek and Mary Richardson (International Director)
Jodi Cessna - PA, NJ, NY State Pageant Director
Susan with Scott Cessna - PA, NJ, NY State Pageant Director