Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mrs International Day 4 - Preliminary Competition

Day 4 was all day rehearsals as well as the preliminary competition.  Truly, each day felt like it was 2 or 3 days because so much was packed into waking hours.  The experience was priceless!

1) Morning - Sherri Hill Cocktail Dress with Vince Camuto shoes and custom designed earrings by Heather Hemingway.

2) Afternoon - a Lilly Pulitzer dress that you cannot see (I will wear it in the future) and a Evy's Tree hoodie with black flip flops (that have a gold crown on them) purchased from Sears.  Why did I change?  Because that Sherri Hill dress was not the most comfortable when one is drinking water all day (you get the idea.....).  My custom Heather earrings matched the Lilly dress, so I kept them on.

Evy's Tree has re-opened her shop and is selling her manufactured line right now.
I received more compliments on my hoodies than any of my other wardrobe items; although the white lace cocktail dress that I wore Saturday (also worn HERE) certainly came in a close second.

Morning Rehearsals:
Afternoon Rehearsal:

A view of the Lilly Dress from when I was matching up earrings to it during my packing as well as a view of my Heather Hemingway Earrings.  Please note that all of Heather's earrings are finished with the back of the earrings being completely bedazzled (see the AB pair - the back of the large stone is covered in rhinestones - all of my earrings from Heather are done in that fashion).  Heather is a very talented artist!

Backstage during Preliminary Competition:  Note that all contestants wore a Sherri Hill cocktail dress with these god-awful gold heels (I won't even donate these heels to Good Will, they were so uncomfortable).  For fitness wear, all contestants wear either a one or two piece fitness outfit purchased from the Competitive Image.


Cheesecake Factory after Preliminary Competition
My Mom and I
Susan and I enjoying a well deserved drink

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