Sunday, January 26, 2014

2013 New Year's Eve Wedding of Brittani and Ben

I was so excited to attend Brittani and Ben's wedding on New Year's Eve in State College, PA.  Brittani's parents are my godparents and her dad married Kevin and I!  It was a bittersweet day for me though because my poor husband had to stay home due to a back injury.

I did Brittani's makeup (and applied false eyelashes - a first for her) and assisted some of the other bridesmaids with their makeup.  It was so much fun to sit and enjoy makeup with so many girls!!!!
Not much of a baby bump at 12 weeks
My God-Mother
The one halfway decent photo of my God-Father who gave an incredible sermon when marrying Brittani and Ben
Meghan and Justin
Vince and I
Brittani's Terrific Brother
Bruno and I
I spent a significant amount of time shopping (and crying) trying to find something to wear for this wedding.  However, I was pleased with the end result:
DRESS: lace Diane Von Furstenberg
paired with
EARRINGS: an old pair of Stephanie Somers (the stones were matte rather than sparkly - so they were not too over-the-top)
and finished with
SHOES: my nude "go-to" LK Bennett heels.

LESSON: Yes, you can wear non-maternity clothes, especially when you are not quite ready for maternity wear.  However, this dress in a size 4 needed to be altered because it was too big across the back but not too big in the waist.  I normally wear an altered down size 2 for DvF (but her size 0 typically is too small on at least one part of my body, so I buy her 2s).  All in all, once the tummy grows another few inches, I will be glad to switch to maternity wear - even if it is expensive.  On the positive side, I can get this dress altered after the baby and wear it in the future!